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Emily Munson is a senior majoring in Social Work at St. Kate’s University.  When it came time for her to find an internship to meet her academic requirements she turned to The Bridge for Youth.

“My mentor, a faculty member in the Master’s Program, completed her internship at The Bridge a long time ago and had a great experience,” said Emily. “I also knew a classmate who interned at The Bridge as recently as a year ago.  She gained a lot of experience”.  Those testimonials, plus the good reputation of The Bridge helped seal the deal for Emily.

Emily applied and was one of two students from St.Kate’s accepted into the program. Shirley Carter, a warm, energetic, and charismatic veteran at The Bridge, manages the Education Program and the interns.  A ten-year veteran at The Bridge, Shirley has an industry-wide reputation for being the best.  Her three-week sessions are invaluable for those entering the world of social work or counseling.  Her ongoing support and commitment to interns is what makes this program standout from others.

“I don’t think I could have asked for a better training,” said Emily.  “It prepared me for what I was going into.”  Carter makes sure that interns role play with crisis calls, practice conflict de-escalation, dig into cultural issues, and understand all protocols.

Interning at The Bridge for Youth requires taking crisis calls from youth and parents.  Counseling youth, working with youth and their parents when they’re at odds can be challenging. It’s also rewarding.

“I’ve learned how important it is to learn from your clients,” said Emily. “The clients are the best advocates for their situations and it’s essential  to listen to them.’

As an intern, Emily worked eight hours shifts two days a week.  Juggling school, her internship, and her personal life was tricky.  “I actually liked working eight-hour shifts.  It gave me the time I needed to build a relationship with kids that are here at The Bridge.”

Emily graduates this May.  She shared a favorite quote from Gandhi, one that she has inscribed on a pendant worn around her neck: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

We thank the many interns who served at The Bridge this past year.  If you’re interested in an internship for Fall, 2013, please contact Shirley Carter.



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