Interns: The Backbone of The Bridge

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interns jan 2014

Interns begin their 9-month program at The Bridge for Youth with an in-depth training program led by Supervisor Shirley Carter.

On a cold Saturday in January, Shirley Carter appeared front and center at The Bridge to welcome her 47th class of interns to The Bridge.

As Education and Training Supervisor, Carter plays a critical role role at The Bridge recruiting, screening, training, and managing over 100 undergraduate and graduate level interns each year.

Schooled in psychology, marriage and family therapy, and social work, these students learn on the job, working alongside The Bridge’s professional staff.

Staffing a 24-hour operation like The Bridge can be difficult and expensive. In 2013, Carter’s interns contributed over 17,000 of labor saving The Bridge $155,000 in labor costs. That goes a long way in the non profit world.

Carter is skilled in recruiting interns who can withstand a rigorous program, committing to 400 hours of service over a 9-month period including a 6-week training program.

There’s not much room for error. If interns don’t work out, that can leave The Bridge short-handed on the staffing side and can result in an intern without a placement.

Professors, deans, and college administrators around the state trust Carter and her exceptional program. After interning at The Bridge, their students at Augsburg College, St. Kate’s, University of St. Thomas, Bethel College, and St. Mary’s have moved on to rewarding careers in counseling, social work, and non profit management.

As for Carter, her contact list of professionals in the field continues to grow

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