Updated mission, vision and organizational values

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Earlier this summer, The Bridge’s staff took some time to reflect. Working together, we developed a new mission and vision statement for The Bridge for Youth, and redefined organizational values. These new statements blend our past and our present while envisioning a bright new future.

Mission: To provide runaway and homeless youth safe shelter, assist in the prevention and resolution of family conflicts and reunify families whenever possible.

Vision: The Bridge for Youth will be a premier resource for diverse populations of youth and families needing help by offering:
– Support that empowers
– Safe shelter
– Sustainable tools for success and restoration of relationships
– When possible, reunification.

Organizational values:
Focus – Our commitment to youth and families drives everything we do.
Excellence – We are relentless in our pursuit of greatness.
Service – Our mission will be at the core of every decision we make.
Village – We cannot do this alone and are part of a broader web committed to protecting runaway and homeless youth.
Integrity – We meet our commitments and are ethical, responsible stewards of our resources.
Teamwork – All of us are part of a team and each of us individually will do everything we can to make sure the entire team succeeds.
Rooted – We will be nimble and adaptable while maintaining our core.
Inclusive – Diversity in thought, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, economic status, political orientations and ideas is our greatest resource.
Bold – We are not afraid to ask hard questions and face difficult realities.
Lighthouse – The clients we serve may be in crisis but our organization will not operate from a crisis point of view.

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